200+ Employees

Multi Stakeholder Connections

  • Invitation to CEO Dinners and Receptions
  • Invitation to quarterly CFO Speaker Series
  • Opportunity to attend quarterly Deal Makers Receptions
  • Involvement in therapeutic focused area events


  • Providing members with government advocacy at the local, state and federal levels
  • Opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with legislators through legislative roundtable series
  • Dedicated lobbyist in Sacramento
  • Dedicated lobbyist and office in Washington DC
  • Advocacy assistance with government agencies
  • Invitation to attend Sacramento and Washington DC lawmaker trips

Company Pipeline

  • Access to California companies and their technologies at our Partnering Conference and Strategic Partner Days
  • Facilitated one-on-one partnering meetings
  • Discounts to attend national and international conferences

Brand Exposure

  • Exposure to more than 100,000 life science professionals
  • International exposure through key Biocom partnerships
  • Company exposure through Biocom partnerships in national and international conferences
  • Opportunity to increase exposure to more than 75,000 members of the community through our Institute’s San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering

Workforce and Talent Development

  • Discounts offered on Lab to Leadership courses, Biotech Primer courses, 2Connect courses and executive education courses at UCSD’s Rady School of Management
  • Discounted job postings and free access to resume database (for length of job post) through BioSpace
  • Compensation survey complimentary to participating members
  • Opportunity for employees to inspire K-12 STEM students in the classroom
  • Opportunity for employees to become veteran mentors

Purchasing Group

  • Savings upwards of 15-25 times annual membership dues
  • Continual assessment for savings opportunities
  • Supplier relationship mitigation channel
  • Consultative resources for operational improvement and growth
  • Engagement across the supply chain continuum
Avg. Savings Data/Com. Facilities/Ops HR/Finance Lab Travel
200+ $6,020 $234,375 $68,826 $2,063,100 $5,371