Tatiana Celebertti

Tatiana Celebertti Office Manager and Accounting Associate

Tatiana joined Biocom in June 2016 as Office Manager and Accounting Associate. In her role, she ensures daily operations in the LA office are executed appropriately and coordinates all aspects of the day-to-day activities. Tatiana holds a Masters in Leadership and Organizational studies from Azusa Pacific. She has over seven years of experience in project management, has been a proponent of nurturing department change, and has played key roles in strategic planning and data research. Her previous colleagues know her as a resourceful person that can be counted on to make sure deadlines are met. Tatiana also has the ability to foster strong relationships that historically have turned into strategic associates. She specializes in corporate event planning for crowds of 100 to 3,000+ attendees, and has sales experience in safety protection equipment for large corps such as Chevron, LA County, CalTrans, and LAUSD.

Tatiana is a lively person and an active international missionary. She enjoys the things in life that bring beauty and joy to others such as, photography, nature, road-trips, and outdoor adventures. This enjoyment can be seen throughout her positive and energetic personality that tends to bring a smile into those around her. She can be found spending time with her dogs, Homer, Penny and Jeter or catching a sporting event when not aggressively pursuing her professional career.